minor suggestions to improve ‘the bachelor’

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I just found out that ABC’s hit game show The Bachelor has had twenty-five seasons. Surely they are running out of ways to make it interesting by now. Just in case, I have helpfully compiled some crossover suggestions to revitalize the show. I’ve never seen an episode but I hope I can be of some use regardless.

A crossover with Kitchen Nightmares (UK for more swears):
In this version of The Bachelor, Gordon Ramsay is there puking dramatically like a mad cat and screaming at the contestants.

A crossover with Survivor:
Everyone votes off one person. Even if the bachelor picks her, he is only one vote among many and may be overruled by a democratic majority.

A crossover with Jeopardy:
Everything the bachelor says has to be in the form of a question.

Fairy tale/folklore rules:
The bachelor assigns a set of seemingly impossible tasks to the contestants: spinning gold from straw, sewing a cambric shirt without seams, emptying the sea with a sieve, &c.

Electoral College rules:
Electoral College rules come into play here. Contestants are weighted according to population of their home states and the weight of the home state’s population MUST be a consideration in the final decisions.

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