excerpts from Cormac McCarthy’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

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The fluorescent light of the station gleamed on as if the wrath of heaven or maybe god itself driving a beam of light directly into the place from where vision comes creating a low thrum in the back of the head as the eye strained to adjust to its pale and unearthly light and the detectives assembled one by one and were carrion birds drawn to bone palings in the desert sun and the dunh dunh noise called harshly in the wilderness.

Stabler looked at the kid and the kid looked back at Stabler. I aint done nothin the kid said and Stabler laughed in a short sharp bark that said he had a certain lack of faith in the veracity of his statement. I know you done somethin Stabler said and he hit the table with his fist and the metallic sound of flesh hitting the tabletop reverberated throughout the interrogation room like a shotgun blast.

The man with the long music career from a day past said something about how the kid took his drugs which the kid took offense to. I aint no drugger he said and the man laughed and looked at him. I know what all you kids today are about he said and smiled again with the condescension a gun has for its target.

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