coronavirus daily briefing, 7/18/2020

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Hello, and good morning, I see there’s a lot of people here today in the Rose Garden and why not? Why not? It’s a beautiful day. I even see some members of the fake news media here, though they say they don’t like to cover my briefings, about the virus, though some say it’s a plague. And look, the little red light is going off. They’re not filming anymore. That’s CNN for you, or, as many call it, the CLINTON News Network.

Now we’re making a lot of progress on the pandemic, there’s lots of, lots of moving parts. I’m on the phone all day trying to get the best deals for the American people on the, the masks and equipment, though we’re needing less than we did. Or less than we would if Obama was president. Lots of things would be different. But that’s not why we’re here, though in a sense it is, but that’s not why I’m talking to you right now. I want to talk about something very exciting, that a lot of people don’t know about. But they will, very soon and that’s an exciting thing for all of us.

I’ve been on the phone with some very incredible people, who are working very hard, and they’re telling me some very interesting things about the THETANS. It turns out we have higher thetan levels than any other country, even CHINA. And thetans, it’s not like testing positively, it’s good. If we keep testing, we see more cases, and it’s the same with the thetans, but in this instance it’s good, and our thetan levels, wow, they are off the charts. The auditor told me he has never seen a higher operating thetan level than me, and you know, Ronny Jackson and some other very fine doctors agreed, they say I have tremendous thetan levels. I tested very positively for thetans. The auditor had tears in his eyes: “sir, your thetan was a noble individual, probably a very respected galactic warrior, straight out of central casting, sir.” And that’s wonderful.

In our past lives, a lot of people didn’t see it coming, when Xenu loaded us into the generational ships, the really big ships: you can’t even see them. They’re invisible. And they didn’t see it coming, when Xenu parked them by the volcano and detonated the bombs. I was the only one saying, hey, I don’t know about Xenu, I think he is making some very bad deals for the galactic people. But they didn’t listen. Sometimes people don’t listen until it’s too late even though you tell them. If I were Xenu, I would have done things a LOT differently, believe me. And we’re still trying to go clear and get rid of the past-life trauma patterns that this very nasty guy made.

We’re working on some methods to go clear as a nation, and we’re looking very strongly into some ways to deal with the, the SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS. Like nasty Robert Mueller and cryin’ Chuck Schumer. And Nervous Nancy. Some very suppressive persons, who are trying to prevent the American people from going clear. If we’re going to get through these very bad times as a country, we’re going to abolish the reactive mind and make some very strong case gains. And that’s all I have to say right now, since it’s something we’re looking into and working on, and we have some very good people, the best people, working on it. Thank you.

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