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“revolutionary tactics must harmonize with revolutionary principles”

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The idea behind #ForcetheVote is that if elected progressives in the House threaten to withhold their vote for Pelosi in exchange for Medicare for All being put to a floor vote, the movement for Medicare for All will be advanced. There are several flaws in the logic here. 1) The focus on Nancy Pelosi is misguided.The focus on Pelosi misunderstands how House Democrats work by making the same mistake that liberals do — putting too […]

coronavirus daily briefing, 7/18/2020

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The auditor told me he has never seen a higher operating thetan level than me, and you know, Ronny Jackson and some other very fine doctors agreed, they say I have tremendous thetan levels. I tested very positively for thetans. The auditor had tears in his eyes: “sir, your thetan was a noble individual, probably a very respected galactic warrior, straight out of central casting, sir.” And that’s wonderful.