a youtuber takes on blood meridian

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Hello, McCarthy fans! We’re back with some breakdowns of Blood Meridian. We’re gonna talk about how Cormac McCarthy used some pretty mind-blowing tricks to make Blood Meridian the exciting read it is.

So first of all, authors put Easter eggs in their stories too! They’re not as easy to spot as in a movie, but when you do find them, it makes the whole book click. They call them “metaphors.” A big “metaphor” in Blood Meridian is the indifference of nature, so keep an eye out for that when reading and it’s pretty rewarding.

Another fun fact about Blood Meridian: You know how Marvel movies have a post-credits scene called a stinger? Sometimes book writers do these, too. They’re called “epilogues.” There’s an “epilogue” at the end of Blood Meridian, so make sure you keep reading past the end!

You know how JJ Abrams always has his lens flares? Cormac McCarthy has those, too, in the “MCU” of his books. Only his version is not using quotation marks. It’s pretty wild and a good indicator that you’re reading a McCarthy.

One more thing, and if you haven’t finished the book, close the window now.

OK, y’all still with me? Spoiler alert: what was UP with that scene in the jakes? Sound off in the comments if you have any ideas.

Thanks for watching. In future vids, we’ll talk about the different combat styles of the Glanton Gang and settle once and for all who would win in a Judge vs Comanche match-up if the Judge had his Howitzer.

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